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For Fairs (adapted for educational centers as well)

Workshop - Interactive show -  

with concrete examples of local entities

Co-creating a Living World

Walking towards our Future...   

                            imagining the World we want

The goal of thigame-show is to provide Local Solidarity Fares / Agro-ecological, * with an entertaining and interactive activity for visitors to get to know aligned local entities. Citizens to  gain awareness of the repercussion of the actions of humans in the world, the economic system,    the causes and effects of jobs, production, consumerism. 

Discovering with the present audience (adult, family or educational)  the impact and importance of the climate and eco-systemic emergency and our interdependence, understanding that we are part of Nature. 

The origin and effects with an economic system that emphasizes financial profit compared to a

Economic system that puts Life at the center.  We will see solutions from more conscious economies such as that of Wellbeing/Ben-estar economy, Social Solidarity, etc.*  in the municipality and in today's world, transformative conscious consumption, all in a fun-attractive way , and connecting through the values in them/as.

*(Includes the Wellbeing Economy, the Common Good Ec., Social Solidarity Ec., the Donut, Circular, etc.)

It starts with a Gymkhana
 which includes clues that, in order to pass them, the participants will have to practice universal values such as empathy, transparency, democracy, fairness, solidarity, sustainability, etc...


-To pass each test, participants will have to experience  these values and will receive a puzzle piece for each test/value they pass. Below the puzzle is a list of local Wellbeing-economy (/solidarity economy) organizations that live these values every day. 

Introducing the concept of symbolic 'magic-mindful-glasses' that connect with one's own heart, to see more clearly what is essential for life equilibrium. Including consumer products, their origin and their end result.

On completion, they are asked what value they have experienced, and are given a puzzle piece and a drawing of a flower linked to the particular 'universal value', which forms part of a puzzle drawing- painting. As tests- Gymkhana progresses, a better world, or "Living World" full of values, will be filled and symbolically formed.  At the base of the puzzle there will be a QR link to a website that contains a map of the ethical entities of Catalonia. 

The flowers that are placed at the base of the drawing symbolizes his personal experience of this value, which looks up, and grows towards the center of the drawing where the pieces that symbolize the values manifested in "the whole world" are found. one Living World
Having accumulated all the flowers and pieces, They arrive at the final show.

Final show:

The final show, is the time when the audience can see what they have learned and share the values experienced that contribute to the "healthy world in balance", helping the current "sick world". How?... In a humorous and musical way, he has the opportunity to learn about the sick world (disguised actor) due to pollution, social imbalances, conflicts...

With the help of Dr. Earth which will lead them to investigate the origin and with the invisible "Magic/Conscious Glasses".. We will see the origin related to humans and their inner world!!

Dr. and public invite two representatives of humans to come, reassuring the planet that it is going to rest. The audience is responsible for helping the characters (actors) who will cause different disturbances in the world by messing with their unconsciousness. Dr Terra/Earth invites the public to help the characters to 'wake up' from their unconsciousness with the tips they have in the 'values puzzle'. 

How? As in the theater of the oppressed, actors will paralyze the action in moments of greatest conflict, with the innovation of doing it IN THE MOMENT, the  audience will ask humans to breathe, and they will 'whisper' the values as medicine, what the actors will take to heart and start moving again, with a different perspective-action, thus changing his Sick-toxic WORLD for the LIVING WORLD (Monviu). 

We will invite the public to co-create conflict situations by putting into practice actions with values', and  the rest of the audience / classmates have to find out what value they have to apply to counter what they were doing.
How does this process continue after the experience in the activity?
they can take the Living World painting home, hang it up, and use it to 'water'/paint the flowers of values in themselves developing each value and feeling that they are contributing to creating a 'Living -clean- World'  everyday.
In the box there are links to local and Catalan entities, with the PAM A PAM Map, and if they want, they will see how they can get involved in any of these entities that are contributing, or create a new one. So it is not just a nice activity at a fair/ 'Party of cooperation and ethical banking'/ of ESS/...

Thus, by becoming more aware, we are happier with fewer things, and with everyone and everything around us, acting accordingly. (CCCgCCC)

Economies and person-centered alternatives: 

*Economy of Well-Being/ Wellbeing/ Benviure: 

Pam to Pam, consumption with values:

Solidarity economy network:

Economy of the Common Good:

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