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 -Mindful (magic)-glasses

-Two alone that are not alone... 

-In Company - in harmony



Camino of Conscious and Coherent, Gradual, Communitarian and Confluent Collaboration

 Engaging in a Conscious Path

The CCCgCCC and then the Symbol-Logo emerged as inspiration after some observations, meditations and reflections with project partners.

As Antoine de Saint Exupery said:

You can only see well with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes

What is essential in the world, in life?

What is most important?
Is it an ephemeral thing? Or maybe something that lasts over time?
It is often only when illness, old age or death touch us closely that we realize the essentials. Sometimes we are so engrossed in solving to achieve ephemeral daily goals, that even then we are overlooked.

Did we say 'I love you' to our loved one with a hug before we died? Do we regret not doing it sooner? Love endures. It stays It connects us while we are alive and beyond. It is a vision from this heart that allows us to give importance to what is important. And not only to the beings around us. Be they humans or animals, it includes the plant kingdom.

As St Exupery says in his sentence, it is through the heart that we can see the essential. 

Having a disconnection with the heart, with the consequent 'alienation' the exercise of the glasses-conscious re-connect  with this Heart and with the essence everywhere. Observing the interdependence in EVERYTHING.

Logo-Message of Change, a Special look
Inspirational words emerged, all starting with C and playing with the shapes, we saw how the C's together formed two circles of 3 Cs each. Together compose a drawing forming 'magic-mindful- glasses-, and the 'g' in the middle acting as a nose.

The glasses with which we look at the world and life are a key concept in this initiative and others such as Permaculture. The glasses help us to 'see with wisdom' from the Heart. This defines the first circle. The second is the part of commitment, confluence and collaboration taking into account others.

There is another meaning of the logo: Two beings accompanying each other and walking together, like two bright suns

Understanding that we are primarily responsible for our actions, the first three Cs emerge; Understanding that we are not alone, and the importance of counting on others, the other 3 Cs emerge


Camino:  We are all walking, to places. Which? Our actions are like footprints that leave imprints, actions with consequences. And they lead us to specific places...  some paths lead to nice places, and others not so much. A living world (Món viu) Vs an unbalenced world (Toxic World).

-what actions lead us to the consequences of climate change, war and economic conflicts?

-and what actions lead us to a better world? Which footprints lead to balance, and which footprints lead to imbalance?

 Mindfulness instructions tell us the importance of how and what we pay attention to. According to this intention and attention, we are making an internal path towards, either the development of seeds that are wholseome and benfitial, like love and patience, or unwholseme ones, like negative anger, greed and so on.  Whether Conscious or unconscious..., these minds and emotions affect our actions. Our actions affect the wold we live in.  So we can see a link between the inner and outer worlds. Mind, action and effect. Which world do we want?

Conscience: By walking consciously through life, we improve individual collective health and the world we live in. The magic-mindful- glasses symbolize this wisdom that comes from our heart. Being and making ourselves aware. Of ourselves, our true needs, our emotions, aware of OTHERS, and WE as NATURE the INTERRELATION and INTERDEPENDENCE.

CoherentBlah blah blah... (sounds great)     But!   Are we coherent and consistent in our actions towards what we believe, feel and do?

In a world where more and more hypocrisy (corruption) is seen, mainly complaining pointing the finger outward, while an equal continues with stains in his actions..,  we change and we choose to LOOK INSIDE and thus ensure that at least we contribute to our change and that of the world and not so much by carrying a very high flag, I'm Conscious/ Green, Eco, :-)

gradual: Trying to follow a path with total and absolute consistency can scare us, frustrate us and set us back if we want to make it perfect from the start. And push others back too.  ACCEPTING the various speeds of awareness and coherence of each one, without judging outside or inside is a gradual path.  : -)​

Community and Commitment:Community of living things + the next step to coherence is committed action.

confluence: There is something confluent to all social movements.  A realization, a being aware... of our steps. In essence we all want the same thing, to be happy, and we all have special aspects and abilities to contribute, whether they are more similar or different. We are equally different and special flowers (*See Story

Collaborative:All beings, We share the same world. Ignoring each other leads to conflict and to hurting ourselves (as they say in English, 'peeing against the wind'). Taking each other into account brings instead... harmony, balance, more resilience, and sustainability, love, joy,

.... increasing  collaboration and reducing the competion. Transforming it into a joyful self-improvement kind of game.  All win, Co-Win.  Putting the Community into action in a conscious confluencial mode. They learn to co-work/perform/create/enjoy.

CCCgCCC is like a way of doing the path based on look and action. Open to be used by any entity or cooperative and with our accompaniment, if you wish. 

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