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1. Primary

The cycle of water
The water cycle.


The History of water, with bodily expression symbolizing the elements in the Water Cycle 

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The 7 R's and Conscious Consumption.

  Average cycleto

dr earth i terra infl 3.jpg

Dr. Earth

 average cycle

  Dr. Earth adapts "magical/Mindful glasses" looking at our world making a diagnosis together about the origin of conflicts. We will observe the journey 

of the objects we consume from birth to their ...fin? What effect  and impact do products with the Eco footprint have on the earth.With dynamics and touches of humor it will introduce us to a very particular universe, where we will value respect our actions with the environment.

7 R's shows the essence of transformative conscious consumption in a very audiovisual and interactive way.

2. Secondary

Another Economy centered on life is possible

Introduction to Economics of Well-Being

In Wellbeing Economy and others




Exchange market




of the common good

Banks of time

  Stop and observeVar: Dr. landa adapts the "magic glasses/Mindful" looking at our world making a diagnosis together about the origin of conflicts: climate change, wars with interests. We will conduct an investigation with precision, linking the current situation to the actions of humans.

We will observe manufactured objects, their journey from birth to their end? What effect does the market have and the impact of the products on the earth.
With dynamics and touches of humor, it will introduce us to a very particular universe, where we will value respect for the environment with our actions.


 Wellbeing Economy, conscious, circular, of the common good, sustainable and supportive.



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