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Planet A...
-There is no Planet B-


Workshop on Climate Emergency and Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS)... sustainable.

​Climate emergency and ecosocial transition

With this workshop we propose an active, personal and collective reflection on the causes of the climate crisis and the effects of human activities on the climate, biodiversity and social consequences.


Intranslation, Theatre, dynamics, Game...

Values and concepts we work on in the workshop: 

Map in Catalonia of entities aligned with an Economy centered on Life

Conscious consumption OPTIONS

Project Planet A  ...What steps do we take from now on?

What is my Planet A?

What actions, what footprint do I leave as I walk?

We encourage young people to Create their own Planet A Project

How do I contribute? 


The only way to reverse the current collapsing tendencies is to understand that we are interdependent and ecodependent beings and act by putting the real needs of all living beings at the center: human and non-human.

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