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Forum Theater Workshops,

Social theatre, Emotions theatre

Inspired in the Theater of the oppressed

Social Theatre. We can facilitate workshops in educational centers depending on the conflict that you want to address

Theatre-Forum, Theatre-Image, Theatre-Invisible, Theatre of the Opressed and a new innovative modality created  by myself*(look below).

Although we like to stress the innovative speciality of

Eco-social Theater, we also address  Bullying prevention (Digital or not),

 inclusivity and any emotional or social issue.

Holding several sessions culminating in a Play to perform

*Innovation with respect to common issues: 

A) Since The conflict is eco-systemic, it affects the species and future generations as the "oppressed"

B) We also incorporate Mindfulness and the

WTR (Work that re-connects) enriching and deepening the experience by adding  techniques and dynamics of image theater and theatre of the oppressed.

c) The final project can have the typical structure of the Forum Theater or the innovative invention that I created. Clic


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T.O. Innovació

For both young people and adults, these workshops will help to clarify the issue of the climate crisis in the everyday life of a "tone systemlittle" who has not yet been able to realize and wake up to the reality of "cause and effect" and the interdependence of humans in this living world. 

We will delve into the characters: 

The Mobile, the Obstacle and the Shadow. 

An Example of a Structure of the Work : 

-"Living World vs Toxic World"


  1.    Introduction to the climate emergency with the causes and consequences. 

  2. Introduction to the gestural and bodily expression of emotions

  3. Introduction to Social Theatre, Forum, dynamics. Sharing-reflection debate with the creation of a material for groups of 4-5 students with a large piece of paper, where they will draw a large circle (world) and a list of effects and causes and options for solutions.

  4. Theater-Image: Co-creation of: Una a)“Human machine of destinyruction (with music). Vs   b) A "Wave of collaboration".  We will include exercises and dynamics in order to create  the scene: "the machine" Vs "Collaboration. 

  5. Introduction to Invisible Theatre 

Social theatre: 

In social theater there are usually "oppressed" and"oppressors". Many oppressed women often remain invisible in the eyes of much of society. In this case... who represents future human generations? to "non-human" species? to ecosystems?

Innovative workshops* of image and social theater* focused on the climate and biodiversity emergency as a "conflict" to be resolved, co-creating a realistic vision of possible futures.

Equity, social justice, climate justice, extractivism, climate refugees, food sovereignty... the sub-genre can vary according to the focus of the conflict that you want to address. 

* Social theater of own innovation: I have created a mode of T.O.  where there is the option of the public interactive about the conflictDURING the play with the audience's suggestions, instead of waiting for the end. 

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