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Climate emergency, natural world, or Social, Solidarity and Ecological Economy

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Theater workshops Eco-climatic and social with final work

Several sessions culminating in a project to be carried out.

Innovative workshops of image and social theater* focused on the climate and biodiversity emergency as a conflict to be resolved. 

Using techniques and dynamics of the image theater and of the oppressed and incorporating the inner knowledge of Mindfulness that enriches and deepens the experience and the final result. 

Both for young people and for adults, these workshops will help to clarify the problem of the climate crisis in an everyday life of a toxic system that has not yet been able to give itself and wake up to the reality of the cause effect and the interdependence of humans in this living world. 

We will delve into the characters: 

The Mobile, the Obstacle and the Shadow. 

An Example of a Structure of the Work : 

-Living World vs Toxic World

  1.  (PowerPT) Introduction the climate emergency with the causes.

  2. Introduction to Social Theatre, Forum, dynamics. Sharing-reflection debate with the creation of a material for groups of 4-5 students with a large piece of paper, where they will draw a large circle (world) and a list of effects and causes and options for solutions.

  3. Theatre-Image: Co-creation of: Una a)“Human machine of destruction (with music). Vs   b) A “Wave of collaboration”.  

We will include exercises and dynamics in order to create  the scene: “the machine” Vs “Collaboration.

  4. Introduction to Invisible Theatre .

Social theater: 

Theater forum, theatre, image, invisible, of the oppressed and an innovative modality.

Innovation: It is a modality of its own ón  there is the option to transform the conflict DURING the work with the advice of the public, instead of waiting for the end. 


List of workshops

Click on the takler that interests you

trip to Living World

Of the Eco-anxietytat to Creative Action... Active Hope and Work that Re-connects.

Eco-social Theater Workshop.

Planet A (There is no Pldill B).

English+Theatre+Mindfulness workshops.

What is Social Theater ...Types

week dLinguistic immersion in Anchurches 

with fun activities of all main subjects + Mindfulness + Arts and Conscience of ecosystems.(In configuration, will soon be released in time for the 2023-2024 school year)

Other possible Workshops (click):  

The water cycle.

The 7 R's and conscious consumption. 

An economy (work and consumption) centered on life.

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