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A sample of the songs we have at our shows

 When you book a show we send you the full song, which includes a video with the choreography.

*Rap of Irregular verbs 


(Gift with 1st hire!!)

Allows space for repetition

and a choreography for the brave!

Rap Irregular Verbs-Mostra- - Llorenç Witty + Anon D-J
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a base of "slow rap music", repeatable, which is really liked and helps with the correct pronunciation of verbs, learner in a fun way amena, listening to it on the mobile phone. 

"Mr. GreenClean Vs Mr. Greendirt

Who offers the best (from) for the world?


Another song : 'I want more'.  'Mr. Business' cannot stop producing and consuming

Created with the invaluable help of Roger,  on the ambition of “having”.  -136bad5cf58d_

Here is a sample. When you hire we send you the full song, and we can include a video with the choreography.

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