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... + we need to Re-connect with Nature


Active Hope  The Work that Reconnects + Mindfulness
Opening our eyes to the Nature which we are part of

For Teachers or Secondary School students
from 1 to 4 sessions of 1 h - 1:30 h or 2:30 h
to agree

'The Work that Reconnects' -Active Hope- is an innovative methodology that helps us rediscover and experience the interconnection with the web of life, to manage emotions in the face of the climate and biodiversity crisis, and to transform eco-anxiety into active hope

We will do some interactive dynamics, and we will discuss the aspects of cultural changes, regenerative culture and lifestyles, to be able to face with courage the greatest challenge of our time, from an intercultural and multi-disciplinary perspective.

Faced with the eco-social crises that are being experienced, and the perspectives that science gives us, the educational community can respond by giving students tools to manage their emotions towards the climate emergency. To be able to seize and strengthen both emotional and social resilience. That's why these experiential and reflective workshops can open a space for introspection and sharing emotions and possible answers.

The workshops can have a 2-hour format, but they can also be adapted to the needs of the centre. From one hour to three two-hour sessions with film forum included.


Breathing in a natural environment 2 reconnect


Ideally, some of the sessions will be held in a natural environment. A park or a forest nearby

The vivencial workshop of reconnection with nature, a theoretical part of introduction to our role within the planet and ecosystems, our footprint and how we can reverse the environmental degradation situation.

As a result of this rediscovery, we conclude that we must as humanity engage in a 'Great Turning'.

The Great Turning is manifested primarily in three interdependent dimensions. These are:
1. Creating Alternative Structures

2. An Inner Change

3. Activism in action

Although many commit to the three dimensions (since each is necessary for the creation of a sustainable civilization), others focus on one or two dimensions.

In the end what is important is that we collectively involve ourselves in 1, 2 or 3 of these according to our abilities and personal situation. The three dimensions help us to organise our efforts and give us a sense of belonging and participation in creating a better future for all, a living world

This work, similar to what we do, is carried out by colleague Carlos Buj, among others. You can find a link to an English translation in his website (for this work related to it you can also contact me at 

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Lawrence Witty


Actor, workshop artist. English teacher.

After several years of English-language Theatre Tours through Spain, Portugal and France, I decided to focus on creating stories and audiovisual works of educational theatre with values (in English, Catalan and Spanish).

Author of workshops and shows that integrate the internal look with external expression and action through characters such as Dr. Terra/*Earth. Climate Emergency and 'Wellbeing-solidarity Economy' Workshops. Environmental activist for the Climate. Courses and training received: Transformative Conscious Consumption (Options), Sustainable Economy (REVO), Introduction to Transition (Transition Network), Mindfulschools, Wake-up Schools I and II, Mindfulness and Emotions. More than 20 years of experience in meditation and mindfulness.

Degree in Psychology, Gestalt-*Transpersonal therapist, Teacher of Yoga and conscious breathing. Masters in Human Rights and Citizenship (ecological thinking), UB. Postgraduate in Conflictology and collaborating professor at the UOC in the masters in conflict resolution. Expert in assertive communication. Coordinator and teacher of Holistic Training, University of Girona. Practitioner and facilitator of Reconnecting Work (Deep Ecology) by Joanna Macy. Co-translator of his recent book Active Hope into Spanish -Esperanza Activa-

Daniel Turón

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