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El crecimiento del negocio

What world do we live in?

Who am I, what to do and what is my role in the world?

These questions are typical in adolescence. And very important for everyone. Questioning-us what is there allows us to review and improve.

The world today is the result of the collective actions of the societies that inhabit it.


Kyoto or Paris agreements to STOP CLIMATE CHANGE will only be carried out if as a society we become aware of their importance. 


El Mindfulness Integral contribuirà a que les  adolescents i preadolescents connectin amb si mateixes i amb quin paper volen tenir en a world where all our actions create the present and future we have and will have.

We are creating a combination of dynamics based on the Courses of:

-Schools awake.


 and Conscious Theater 

Where we will interact directly with the students in the presence of the teacher. 

Facilitator and teacher, with the energy of 'full awareness' / Being present.

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