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Workshops for teachers 
Mindfulness and Emotions

Introduction courses to the practice of Mindfulness incorporating: 

  - emotional understanding and management

  - empathetic, assertive, respectful communication. 

  - a constructive and collaborative view of oneself and others 

  - incorporating it both in the classroom and with professional or personal relationships.

By taking care of ourselves, we take care of the environment and well-being at school, at home, in society.

 Teachers who practice Mindfulness are more present in the "here and now" and it is easier to reduce anxiety and stress in themselves and to contribute and share it with the students.

There is a analogy which compares our cute potential


with some seeds inside us Learning to see and honor


ours andothers. Valuable per recognize and share with


students and comrades, to live longer  in peace in everyday life


               "Watering the flowers in us, we water the flowers in others."


With material for continuing tutoring during the course. 

Workshops of 4 or 7 weeks

Talk: Ways to avoid Bullying
Linked to the inclusion show  of Akiara described on the Schools page -->click,this talk could be a good combination Student-Teachers with another for Afas to help prevent and manage Bullying. 

Here are some examples of some of the contents of the Workshops
that would facilitate

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