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Activities with Values 

We offer information, contents and inspirational activities to view and live in a sustainable, healthy and happy way. 

With the intention of filling a cultural and educational need that connects the inner world (perception of the world, emotions) with coherent action within the "outer world". 

Making us aware of our causes of our individual and collective well-being and

Inter-connected within the ecosystems of NATURE.


-Mindfulness In or Eco-mindfulness. + Understanding and management of emotions.

- Contentsx a Wine Worldu and in balance. 

- Collaborative. Members of various arts and styles, working for this world in balance. 

- Connection with other people and with the nature of which we are a part... interdependence.

Lawrence Witty

Actor, storyteller, workshop artist. 

With more than 20 years of experience in meditation and mindfulness. Conta contes i Teatre educatiu en anglès, català i castellà. 5 years doing Theater tours in English to theaters in the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal and France.

Author of the Mindfulglasses series of stories, music for peace and the earth.

Environmental activist for the Climate, volunteer and member of organizations and cooperatives of conscious consumption. 

Courses and workshops held include Mindfulschools, Awakening Schools I and II, Mindfulness and Emotions, Theater of the Oppressed, Actor in English for Camera, Musical Theatre, Clown, Transition to Sustainability.

Celtic Course English teacher trained at 'BCN  International House', creator and teacher of English+Theatre+Midfulness activities for groups.

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​   Objectius:

  1. Oferir teatre, tallers i conta contes interactius de qualitat que inspirin i toquin el cor. En anglès Natiu, Català o Castellà.

  2. Oferir obres adaptades a les diferents edats, nivells.

  3. Inspirar amb temes d’interès social i mediambiental, sostenibilitat, la inclusió, la igualtat, etc.

  4. Fer que aprenentatge d'anglès sigui una experiència joiosa, participativa i enriquidora.

  5. Oferir cursos i tallers on fer-nos conscients de nosaltres , els altres i l'entorn.  Mindfulness integral, "Teatre Social, Fòrum i del 'Arco Iris", Consum Conscient transformador, Economia transformadora.


Daniel Turón

Degree in Psychology,


therapist, Teacher of Yoga

and conscious breathing. Masters in Human Rights and Citizenship (ecological thinking), UB. Postgraduate in Conflictology and collaborating professor at the UOC in the masters in conflict resolution. Expert in assertive communication. Coordinator and teacher of Holistic Training;, University of Girona. Practitioner and facilitator of Reconnecting Work (Deep Ecology) by Joanna Macy. Co-translator of his recent book Esperanza Activa

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Eli Dalmau

Mindfulness instructor

and gestalt therapist. 

We collaborate with

Mindfulness workshops for teenagers in high schools, including the Teatre rol. Trained as a specialist in Mindfulness for Adults, for children and adolescents, teachers. With MindfulSchools in the USA,  

Mindfulness in Schools projects,

.b from Oxford,the method of Eline Snel and Escoles Despertes.

In addition For more than 20 years working in the environmental and business sector, specializing in Water, degree in Biology.

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Professional in the world of

educational theater

1998 - Present.

12 years as a touring actor

of plays in English by

Spain Experience as actor, director, in dramatic theatre, comedy and educational theater musical, both in English  as in Catalan. 

English teacher

Private classes 2013 – Currently.
English language teaching. Grammar and conversation classes for all ages. Levels between A1 and C2.

Education Bcn Theater School, 1995

Peter Commons


Mar Figueras
Creative collaborator of props, image and scenography.
Creator of  Creative Simplicity, support for a more sustainable life change.
Mother and entrepreneur and climate activist.


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and we continue to grow...

Want to join the team? Just contact us. Maybe you can help us contribute  to the changes we need as a world.  Also to inter-cooperate and be part of the solution.

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