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Integrating Heart +Head

Emotional management-Eco-Mindfulness 







    Mothers and Fathers

Prevention and management





What is 'Integral Mindfulness'   and Eco-Mindfulness?

The mindfulness is usually translated as: "full awareness". I like to translate it as 'becoming aware'.*

Mindfulness really comes from millennial practice and the literal translation of the concept Smrti (Sanskrit) means "to hold on to the mind" or memory, moment by moment and referring to what makes us aware and what liberates. It frees us from the main cause of our tension and unhappiness, from a negative and limiting perception of us, others and everything. By giving a clean look, I knew, he observed relativity and brought a fuller and shared happiness.  

Let us see where and how we draw the attention. 

It starts by making us aware in here and the now of our breath, learning what appears without judgment, whether it be body sensations, feelings or emotions, improving concentration. Getting a look that you see more constructively. Often using the game, girls and boys play to change the angle of perception and use of energy by learning to create an inner space and a different response space from the usual reactive impulse. 

It helps us with emotional management, stress management and better empathy. Empathy helps inclusivity, equity, tolerance, and avoid or resolve trends that lead to the feeling of separation and bullying. It includes awareness of food, where it comes from, conscious consumption, our attitudes, actions and their effects, deprivation of addiction, awareness and care of the environment (Eco-Mindfulness)- interrelationship with nature.

Focusing on us in a way that brings us enduring fullness beyond what is ephemeral, and counting all and all.


IN tegral for..:

INtgrating Heart and Head

With Mindfulness we focus on improving especially the Emotional intelligence with self-observation, the interpersonal with empathy and the naturalist with the inter-bieng or inter-dependence and Eco-dependence. 


IN for IN terdependence. (Naturalist) Mindfulness applied wisely allows us to see an Inter-related world and our role in it. The effect of our actions. In the educational field, it is an ideal tool for teenagers and pre-teens to connect with themselves and what role they want to play in a world where all our actions create the present and future we have and will have.

INtegral Because it includes students, teachers, parents, as groups to whom we offer the tool,  since all of us are and are affected by the current world with our level of knowledge and to become aware and be consistent it is key to our well-being and that of our daughters and sons. 
- 1 Introduction to Mindfulness and emotions. 1h - 1:30h

- 1 seventh class1 hour training or 2 sessions every week for 4-7 weeks, or

- 1 intensive of one week, using the game and body expression as part of the dynamics.

    So much for:       Students   as for        Teachers               Mothers and Fathers

(can be done in English too)


Show + Workshops to choose from
Ideal for starting a New Course that integrates a 
Rich inner world with a consequent lifestyle   

Start of an Inspiring Course with ALL invited: Mothers, Parents, Students, Teachers, Monitors...

Emotional, intrapersonal, and environmental intelligence with Mindfulness

1. Introductory Show

 al mindfulness 

The wise Griolf will introduce us to some "Special Glasses" that are useful in any situation, that only work in feel the breath, changing any situation...

Sketches on how to transform everyday life with a different look, with Full Awareness-Mindfulness.

HomeWork -from school- or Housework -from home-


English, biology, mathematics,...washing dishes, setting the table, tidying, ...Transforming Labour (=action with obligation) into "useful games" that benefits ALL.

Emotional management, relationship with oneself, others, the world...


2. Follow-up: Workshops

Workshop  for teachers   

-Workshop for -AFAS   

Workshops for students    

An idea of the contents of the Workshops

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