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3 x 1 English

Theater and Mindfulness


An innovative new method


- English

- Role-playing and sketches

- Mindfulness


Tired of books with exercises and little practice?

Do you want to learn to understand and be understood?


If you are interested in theater + English + mindfulness here you have 3 x 1:


  • Mindfulness helps to calm down, open up, "change the chip on English" + concentrate

  • Role-playing to eliminate shame

  • Ice breaker games, enjoying

    Home-Joy (not "Homework ;-) ) we share Audio-recordings to make fun or musical 'listenings',  that they can enjoy in a group or individually at home, and make your own "recording".


Groups de Children by levels,

At school or at home (Between 4-7 students/class.    Also for adults-).


Native English teacher with TEFL and years of experience in Theatre, Storytelling, and facilitating Mindfulness


More Information: Lawrence Witty

Dr. Earth's message 

from home (English!)

(Stay All the Rap

with a recruitment!!)

*Rap of Irregular verbs 


Allows space for repetition

and ...a choreography for the brave!

Rap Irregular Verbs-Mostra- - Llorenç Witty + Anon D-J
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