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Didactic material

Each activity contains :

            English Resources (accessible by clicking, when hiring)               

Pedagogical, mindfulness and values resources (for Tutoring)*



Dr. Earth


Integral Mindfulness



Emotional management

Planta en una botella de cristal

For the English language:

-Includes a section in English with songs and listenings, worksheets, and a guide for the teacher.  Click on the circle of the corresponding show or ask for info.


Awareness and values *

-Each work contains values observed from an Integral Mindfulness.

Ideal for the teacher to work in class on aspects such as empathy,   the introduction to emotions, their management, cooperation, inter-being with nature, among others. (You can ask us for more info by email)

Ecological and environmental awareness -resources-


-A free rap and choreography of irregular verbs.

-Linked to the shows there is a blog and link to a YouTube channel where students  who wish to can co-create in a group by letting their creativity go and upload videos related to the work. A contest where everyone wins.

-A cooperative concert of Music and rhythms from the Heart with voice and body percussion. 

Once you make the reservation, we can send you the material or you can download it.

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