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Theimage theater and forum theater is a type of social theater, which provides the tools to be able to visualize and reflect on ourselves and our reality in order to transform it. A space for reflection and  co-creation is facilitated by making use of the different techniques provided by social theatre, taking and investigating a conflict in the environment in which we live.


- It encourages critical knowledge and questioning of oneself and of the reality that surrounds it with interaction and interdependence as part of the earth of which we are a part.

- Create a space for reflection and transformation of reality in which we live in the personal, intrapersonal and "interdependent" sphere (Ecological, with the earth).

- Introduce eco-social theater techniques for reflection and conflict resolution and as an actor (body awareness, voice, interpretation).

-Identification with the individual being, the collective and the systemic nature.

- Co-Creating visual and social impact scenes through methods such as Augusto Boal's image theater and the oppressed.

- Image theater

The Image Theater is a branch of the Theater of the Oppressed  which tries to reflect ideas, situations or emotions through images. The word is analyzed and "separated" from its context (cultural, social or political) through a visual language, which involves bodily, gestural and emotional work that is often more creative and critical. *(Other types of Social Theatre).

- We include sound, rhythm and body percussion music.


*Mention of other types of social theatre:

-Forum Theatre

The Forum Theater is one of the branches of the Theater of the Oppressed with the aim of presenting a scene or a work where a situation of oppression is observed that the protagonist does not know how to face. Spectators are invited to replace the protagonist and try possible solutions, ideas or strategies in order to resolve the conflict. It is a collective rehearsal for real action.

-Invisible Theater

The Invisible Theater is one of the branches of the Theater of the Oppressed created to intervene, through the theatre, in people's daily lives by making silenced social conflicts visible in order to generate a change of opinion or attitude in the public there participate

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