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 Eco-climatic and social theater-Forum


 -Theatre Play for Fairs where we invite to the entities:


 Co-creating a World live  (with a clue game before)


Which World do we want?  (No clue game)


Theater Forum


Secondary school   Play + Tto go

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Local councils:
                                             Dr. Earth visits your Town
- Mornings:  Activities for Schools 

- Evening: Theatre Co-creating a living World
, interactive activity with the presence
of Local aligned reps of Social-Wellbieng economy in the show/ audience.

Món Futur
 -Work of social theater
Within this type dand theatre, variants adapted to the situation and requirements of the municipality or the entities that request it can be offered.  Develop axes such as food (Food sovereignty),Energy, Mobility, Cooperation...
Ideal for
social and solidarity economy fairs in Municipalities,Conscious Consumption with presentation of organizations related to nutritionability.  It can be done with a game of clues / -Escape planet- before, for young people, adults or families
An example that we have successfully tested in municipalities such as Sant Cugat is: 
Which World do we want? 
Món fotut o món futur

Activity done in Sant Cugat, Catalonia 

Eco-social theatre:   Which World do we want?

Modalities: 1. Professional actor-facilitator (Dr. Terra, Llorenç W.)

                    2. 2-4 Actors 

                    3. Facilitation of  preparatory sessions with local volunteers,                                            d'ESS entities, activists or interested parties, culminating in the Theater work. 

Dr. Earth, like -Joker- or facilitator of the work, will present us with 2 possible future worlds to make a collaborative diagnosisratio of the climate fever that the earth is suffering from. Through mindfulness glasses-magical- that will allow us to have an interdependent look, lookrow which actions, which walk or 'footprint' leads to one world or another through sketches of the daily life of the characters that appear, and the audience will have to analyze.



For this the audience will need to bring all your eco-sense and ingenuity in addition to paper and pencil (or a prodigious /digital memory). To write down the actions and footprints of the characters that appear on the scene.


Collectively we will come up with some proposals (with the help of social economy entities, solidarity and initiatives sustainable) and at the end there will be a space for the open debate of three pillars for the necessary changes in the climate emergency and based on the C.R.C. (calculate, reduce, compensate):


- Regenerative activities of organizations and individuals (conscious and sustainable consumption and work),


- Aligned municipal measures.


- An inward and interdependent care and look. Mindfulness-integral.

One option we have tried is inviting representatives of like-minded entities to go on stage when the audience interacting with Dr. Terra asks for a measure like the one offered by the entity. 

-Opportunity to talk to the entities present before and after the theatre, at the stalls of the Fair (if there are any).  (Change to Somenergia, test car sleepability, ...options to incorporate).

Those who wish at the end of the debate will share their ideas and proposals which will be collected or passed on to the group of local entities (social economy/ Eco/ NGO, etc.)


We invite you to request this activity, participate and contribute your part of the collective intelligence.

Another example where you can add a game of clues organized by us or 


(together with) some local entity/s as we tried in St. Quinze: 

 Co-creating a Living World  (with a jor clues before)


Other Workshops in the same Line: 

 -Tea workshopstre-Foro Eco-climatic and social with final work Clic

Dr. Earth:Toxic World Vs. Living World. click  emerge Climate - Ecosocial Transition 


 Show-Workshop of 2 hours for ESOr or Baccalaureate. Click. 

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