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Dr. Terra: Toxic World Vs. Living World

                                 Level A: 2nd Primary Cycle. 1h                 Nivell B:  1er-4rt  ESO.   2h

                                                                                30-60 students

Interactive show-workshop.  

1. Dr. Earth Introduces the Climate emergency with a "cause-effect" view and Slides.

2. Dr. Terra presents, through a character and special glasses, an interdependent vision" of the phenomena.

3. From this moment, Dr. Terra presents, with music and humor, some two-legged characters who put their feet up with their actions and the polluting footprint they leave on the world. Students must pay attention and observe with interdependent glasses, otherwise they fail. 

4. Analysis: Group dynamics with collaborative challenges to solve problems linked to what has been observed. 

5. Presentation of empowering examples of young people of their age who have changed the course of history.

5.   Test Post - It:  25 everyday actions : which of the two worlds do they belong to??

6. Closing: Interactive final choreo.

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