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Who are we?

We co-create a Green and Blue Living World


We provide information and inspiration to live sustainably, healthily and happily. Connecting the inner world with the outer acting from the heart and   with consistency in our actions. 

- Offer of activities to inspire and water the seeds of wisdom  


- Contents for a living and balanced World. 


- Collaborative.  Members of various arts and styles, 

working for a world in balance. 

Taking care of the work in Telegram channels/chats


Telegram is the most used application in this social justice movement.

It allows us to be connected at all times. In our case, it facilitates transparency and communication between different nodes, circles, commissions with the objective that communication and transparency flow and we are efficient as commissions and organization.


A whole series of good practices must be taken into account so that node chats and commissions are functional.

(Any member or members of this international movement, of course, do not have to say that they have the freedom to create any other chat group that does not have any type of moderation of these guidelines, nor of the 10 principles*(see bellow) of this movement, etc.)


So, to help the functionality, we suggest the following guidelines:


  • Remember that we are in the same boat/mission and that we are here for the same purpose and that we all have wonderful qualities and also limitations. Keep that in mind when communicating, humbly, please.

  • Let's take care of the language, the number of messages, the length of the messages, and the content. The tone of the messages has to be aligned with our *10 principles .

  • Let's practice conscious, responsible, friendly and non-violent communication and help at all times to make the debates rich, efficient and enjoyable. It is also a "regenerative movement" space, and we need to make it a safe and mutually supportive place among all.

  • The chats will define their mandate or topic. When you create a chat-group you have to put Theme-Title and it's objective so that all the members have clarity about it.

  • Identify yourself and do not communicate anonymously.

  • The contents should stick to the mission with which the group was created. Content that is not relevant to this should not be dumped/spamed into the chat. (This is not a personal Facebook page!)

  • Each circle, committee or working group can decide how many chat groups they think they need, but it is recommended to have the most precise and minimal ones to achieve effective communication.

  • We use different supports in the telegram channel or chat to post more relevant information. You can help with the group minutes or create a folder or document to support the chats.

  • Let's avoid conversations between two people at all times, which may become private. Afterwards, you can register the agreements in the support folder or document if they are relevant.

  • Slow down your opinion! Think to what extent it will be valuable to the group and when it will be appropriate. Reduce the number of messages so as not to saturate the chat, specially if there are a lot of members in it. Use other platforms for sharing some materials. 

Who manages the good functioning of the chat?


  • The liaison/internal coordinator will be in charge of moderating the operation of the chat. In principle, it will be trusted that the rebels follow guidelines of self-moderation following fundamental values and principles of respect, etc. (in line with the *10 principles).


  • If in a chat you perceive any behavior or attitude that can be considered harmful to the target or the group, you can take note and wait a short time for if it was an isolated thing and has not disrupted the dynamics of the group, or already take the step 1, from the siguiente list, clarify with respect to the person who sent it.


  • If it is detected that it is a constant behavior or clearly outside the line of acceptable behavior, in case of breach of the participation agreements in the chat groups, the following will be done:

    • The first time, a notice will be given privately or publicly as considered.

    • The second time, the private communication guidelines will be kindly reminded.

    • The third time, participation will be suspended from 1 hour to 48 hours, reasoning the decision in the chat, informing it privately.

    • The fourth time, (first time again after re-entering the group) participation will be suspended from 48 hours to 2 weeks, explaining the decision in the chat.

    • The fifth time, the participation will be suspended from weeks to 2 months, deciding if the person can return immediately after the determined time, or if he can only return if he decides to participate in the mediation of the conflict. The decision will be reasoned in the chat. In any case, in these more serious cases it is recommended to open a mediation process, and according to this it may be decided that the suspension has a durability of six months to one year.


Any person can remember the communication guidelines in the group and/or communicate to the moderator, in this case Internal Coordination, if they consider that the participation agreements are being violated, also with respect and moderation.


*User performance in all groups at the same level (State, Bioregion, or node) will be taken into account for the application of measures.



Recommendations about chat administrators:


    • Recognize that different situations can be presented on which no agreements have been established, then, be guided by your own common sense and the principles of the movement.

    • The people who administer the chat will be the moderators. One of them will be the internal coordinator (if there is one).

    • According to the number of people in the group, but NEVER a single rebel.

    • In large groups 4 administrators and in small groups minimum 2.


Let's remember the suggestion at the beginning, and include that, for example, you can create a chat for articles, reflections and others, apart.


We trust that this guide will help each node or telegram group to manage their chats efficiently, de-escalate and carry out conflict resolution processes that arise.


We consider it necessary that there be a way of communication in case there is a lack of clarity in some Telegram node or group, and with which any rebel can contact to analyze the case and obtain help to resolve it. We will give a contact email for the rebel who feels that his node or in a telegram group is being moderated arbitrarily and unfairly.



 Social Climate Justice Movement Facilitation Commission 



10 proposed principles:


We have a shared vision of change creating a world that is fit for generations to come.


We set our mission on what is necessary using momentum-driven organising and effective networking to influence institutions and citizens around the world from the education perspective.


We need a regenerative culture creating a culture which is healthy, resilient, non violent, empathetic, adaptable.


We openly challenge ourselves and this toxic system leaving our comfort zones to take action for change. We learn to self-observe and better ourselves, increase emotional self-management, as well as our groups, communities, institutions.


We value reflecting and learning following a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and planning for more action. Learning from other movements and contexts as well as our own experiences. Networking with all aligned movements. Inspiring ourselves and others. (Not re-inventing the wheel).


We welcome everyone and every part of everyone working actively to create safer and more accessible spaces, as long as they are aligned with our values.


We actively mitigate for power breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation. Internally and outwardly.


We avoid blaming and shaming we live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame. We encourage constructive criticism, in the place and manner that is appropriate, conducive to learning. Unless someone's actions are very destructive, in which case with protocol we invite the member to leave the movement/collaboration and encourage them to seek help.


We are a non-violent network using non-violent strategies, language, methods as the most effective way to bring about a new vision, narrative for a better world and system change.


We are based on autonomy and decentralisation we collectively create the structures we need to challenge unjust and unequal power.

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